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Introducing Celina Mina

Hello! I’m Celina – an Aussie non-fiction editor, ghost writer and book coach based in Copenhagen with clients all around the globe. Founded in 2013, Create with Celina Mina is what it is today because I love helping my clients to tell their story and share their message.

Specialising in Christian, Self-Help, Business and Education publications, and writing copy for expert businesses, it’s such a joy to inspire, motivate and guide my clients along the best pathway for their project and/or business needs.

With a Master in Education (Int. Ed.) and a double Bachelor degree in Arts (English and musicology) and Education (upper primary and secondary), I also enjoy teaching the tricks of the trade when writing and sharing industry insights into the world of publishing with aspiring authors through in-person and online workshops and masterclasses.

Looking forward to connecting, collaborating and creating with words!

Celina Mina


Here’s a selection of book projects:


The Book Edit Package

A perfect all-in-one solution for self-publishing authors that are satisfied with the content and structure of their book draft and need assistance with the editing stages that will result in their final manuscript ready for lay-out, plus proof checks! This package includes:

  • The line edit by Celina 
  • The copy edit by one of Celina’s associate editors (two pairs of eyes are better than one!)
  • A bespoke style sheet for your book
  • The creation of your final manuscript (using semantic structure) ready for lay-out
  • The proofread of galley proofs before you publish, print and distribute
  • Guidance and support throughout the entire process 

Editing Services for Book Manuscripts and Proposals

Manuscript Feedback Report: Giving and receiving feedback should be a positive, encouraging, empowering and constructive process! Have you completed an entire polished draft, but don’t feel ready for an editor? A Manuscript Feedback Report can be a great next step, in which observations, recommendations and options are provided, followed up with an online call if needed.

Price: DKK 2800 (for manuscripts up to 50,000 words)

Developmental Editing: Think of this as the 'Big Picture' edit. Is there an alignment between the author's goal, book's purpose and ideal reader? Is the content structured in the best possible way? Are there any consistent craft issues? Does this book have a shelf? How does the tone of voice and point of view come across?

Price: DKK 0.32 per word

Line Editing: Think of this as the 'Creative' edit. This focuses on improving literary devices, writing techniques, syntax and expression, and ensures that all parts of the interior book anatomy are present.

Price: DKK 0.25 per word

Copyediting: Think of this as the 'Fix It' edit. Is everything correct? Spelling, grammar, punctuation! After this, the manuscript can be created for lay-out.

Price: DKK 0.22 per word

Proofreading: Think of this as the 'Green Light' edit. The entire book is checked in lay-out for typographical and formatting errors: interior front and back matter, interior main body, and exterior covers. Once the galley proofs are approved, you are ready to print and distribute!

Price: DKK 0.14 per word

Manuscript Styled for Lay-Out: Created within Microsoft Word, a manuscript prepared using semantic structure greatly assists your book designer and/or typesetter to correctly identify each aspect of your book’s anatomy, decreasing confusion and errors during lay-out in programs such as InDesign.

Price: DKK 900 (for manuscripts up to 50,000 words)

Ghost Writing

Are you a speaker, business or life coach, expert business leader or consultant who has great content but not enough time to write a book manuscript? From creating the proposal, researching and gathering raw material, implementing a suitable timeline, capturing your voice, drafting and editing the manuscript, and so much more, Celina would love to ensure you end up with a book of which you are proud – and in your own name. It’s your brilliant content, after all!

Book Coaching Sessions

Choose the package that best suits your needs:

The One-Off (1 session):

Ideal for authors desiring book coaching around a specific topic within their publishing journey.

Price: DKK 900

The Page Turner (3 sessions):

Ideal for authors desiring book coaching to help map out their book writing plan.

Price: DKK 2565

The Special Edition (6 sessions):

Ideal for authors desiring book coaching throughout their entire publishing journey.

Price: DKK 4860

Bespoke Copywriting Packages for Expert Businesses

Would you like more time to focus on what you truly love to do within your expert business, knowing that your words are in safe hands? A copywriting package secured by a monthly retainer fee can be tailored to your business needs including writing copy for: eBooks and other downloadable resources, podcast episode descriptions and show notes, blog posts and articles, video scripts and newsletters, email marketing, and social media posts. 

Writing Workshops, Masterclasses and Keynotes

Throughout the year, Celina offers a range of workshops and masterclasses (in-person gatherings and online). Recent events include the Aspiring Authors Seminar held at a local bookstore, the Aspiring Authors Masterclass conducted online, and the Teen Authors Writing Workshop consisting of eight weekly in-person sessions as part of an international school’s extra-curricular programme. Celina is also available to be booked as a keynote speaker.

Let’s turn your writing dream into a published reality!


"I got what I signed up for plus more! Consider me inspired." 

- Ed Ley, Neuroleadership Coach

"A professional, timely and engaging service that makes a good book into a great book worth reading!"

- Peter Prothero, Author and Speaker

"Celina helped me find my author voice. She genuinely wanted me to succeed."

- Rachel Mawston, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach

"It was a pleasure to work with Celina on my last two publications. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in writing a book!" 

- Kasper Sierslev, Author & Keynote Speaker

"I would recommend Celina to anyone who wants to put their treasured thoughts into a book manuscript."

- Paul Bartlett, Author and Speaker

"Celina always has a great holistic approach to her work." 

- Nina Shini, CEO Social Works

"Celina exceeded my (incredibly high) expectations as an editor and book coach."

- Sharon Kohring, Author and Speaker

"What a joy to work with Celina! I look forward to future projects!"

- Wendy Perez, Author and Speaker

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